Shave Policy Set


Shave Policy Set

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The shave policy explains why it was necessary to shave the coat clean off. No repercussions from disgruntled customers when they know why it was done! The Shave information leaflets highlight the reason for shaving, the benefits and how to start a regular home grooming program for the dog. Most importantly it suggests how to prevent this from happening again with regular professional grooming appointments & advance bookings.

We have found these leaflets useful when one partner leaves a dog in but the other partner picks them up!! It also means the correct information on why the procedure was done is conveyed to the family. Many owners don’t want their dog shaved but will understand better when they see in writing that the dog suffers when matted & grooming in that condition is traumatic and unkind. It opens up the opportunity to set up advance bookings. Some of our most regular and long-standing customers began with a shave-off.

While other groomers shave off and wait for next years visit, set yourself in a position to gain a new long-term regular customer.

NB The forms may differ in colour from those shown in photograph.

1 quality A4 laminated sign

100 forms

Plastic wallet for storage

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