Quick Reference Style Charts Book





The style charts are used in consultation with the client to choose the ideal style for their dog depending on lifestyle and commitment to brushing at home.

Each breed chart shows the most popular styles including all information on blade and comb attachments. They are intended as an easy-to-see, quick-to-read without complicated diagrams.
Useful for the new groomer and vital for the salon with more than one groomer, it keeps groom styles consistent. Styles use letter identification to reduce confusion used with terms such as ‘Puppy Trim’ or ‘Teddy Trim’.

The majority of dogs whether pedigree or cross-bred are groomed in a very similar way. Using this quick reference guide will save hours trawling through 100’s of breed standards. Speed of learning, application and quick turnaround is what today’s grooming is about.

The quick reference guide is great for setting styles with groomers in the same salon or as a teaching guide.

Printed and inserted into poly pickets in a binder with your own notes, it’s perfect for the salon.




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