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Having trouble opening PDF downloads?

A number of our users are unsure how to open PDF downloads, so we’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you.

I’m running Windows 8 (or above):

After checking out and paying for your items (if your Cart only contains free items, you will not be asked for payment), you will be redirected to a page with a summary of your order. You’ll also notice that there are links to the PDF documents on this page:

2013-12-02 20_39_53-Order Received _ Groomergraphix

Note: guests should download files immediately after purchase, as the download links will eventually expire to prevent sharing of our downloads. If you’ve already placed an order and have since closed this page, you can access it again by clicking here and clicking View beside recent orders.

You’ll also receive an email containing a download link:

2013-12-02 20_43_09-Your Groomergraphix order from December 2, 2013 is complete - download your file


For this guide, we will download the PDF document from the page that will show after login. After clicking on the link, the PDF will begin to download (depending on your browser, you may be asked for a location for the file to download. This is usually your user account’s Download folder.). If you see a warning like this, click Keep:

2013-12-02 20_44_09-Order Received _ Groomergraphix

Once the file has been downloaded, you can now open it and print it. If you are running Windows 8, there is a built-in PDF viewing “App” – meaning you don’t have to install any additional software to open the file. The easiest way is by clicking the download (or, in some browsers by clicking Open in a dialog that shows after the file has downloaded):

2013-12-02 20_44_23-Order Received _ Groomergraphix


If you don’t see the download, you can go to your Downloads folder (or wherever you downloaded to) and double-click the file to open it:

2013-12-02 20_47_09-Downloads


The PDF App will now open:

2013-12-02 20_45_46-GreenshotTo access the print button, right-click:

2013-12-02 20_46_20-GreenshotYou can now click the Print button and print your download.

If you are still stuck, or have any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I’m running a version of Windows below Windows 8:

If you are running a version of Windows below Windows 8, and you don’t have a PDF viewer installed, you can easily install one. After downloading the PDF download, click here to download Adobe Reader (free and trusted by millions worldwide).

Make sure you uncheck  and click Install now;

2013-12-02 20_48_00-Adobe - Adobe Reader, free PDF viewer downloadAdobe Reader will now start to download and you can click it to run and install:

2013-12-02 20_48_35-Adobe - When Opening dialog box appears, click Save File.


Note: make sure you have permission from the computer’s owner before you install Adobe Reader!

The installer will run. After reading, click Next:

2013-12-02 20_49_10-Adobe Reader Installer

Adobe Reader will now install (installation will take ~1-5 minutes):
2013-12-02 20_49_24-Adobe Reader Installer

After installation, click Finish:


2013-12-02 20_51_02-Adobe Reader Installer

You can now return to your download. Right-click the download and select Open with -> Adobe Reader:

2013-12-02 20_51_28-Greenshot


Adobe Reader will now open. When Adobe Reader opens for the first time, you will have to accept their license agreement:

2013-12-02 20_52_13-Adobe Reader XI - Distribution License Agreement for Use on Personal Computers


You will also be asked if you want to set Adobe Reader as the default PDF viewer. We recommend that you do this to save time and hassle in the future:

2013-12-02 20_52_37-Adobe Reader

You should now see your PDF download:

2013-12-02 20_52_57-cash.pdf - Adobe Reader

To print your download, click File -> Print:

2013-12-02 20_53_42-Greenshot

If you are still stuck, or have any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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